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Vallejo - 30 ml Pigments


Pigments are intended for weathering and ageing vehicles and armour. They help create the effects of dust, mud, dirt and smoke caused by time and natural erosion.

Vallejo Pigments, 1 x 30 ml

VAL 73101 Titanium White
VAL 73102 Light Yellow Ocre
VAL 73103 Dark Yellow Ocre
VAL 73106 Burnt Sienna
VAL 73107 Dark Red Ocre
VAL 73109 Natural Umber
VAL 73110 Burnt Umber
VAL 73111 Green Earth
VAL 73112 Chrome Oxide Green
VAL 73113 Light Slate Grey
VAL 73114 Dark Slate Grey
VAL 73115 Natural Iron Oxide
VAL 73116 Carbon Black 
VAL 73117 Rust
VAL 73118 New Rust
VAL 73119 European Earth
VAL 73120 Old Rust
VAL 73121 Desert Dust

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