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AK Interactive Diorama Series - Terrains 250ml


AK Interactive Terrains are acrylic products designed for creating textures in dioramas. It is easy to achieve great results in both thin and thick layers. These products can be diluted with water or acrylic thinner to improve the flow. The recommended drying time is 24 hours.

Snow texture is designed for creating snow effects on any surface – terrain, vehicles or buildings.

Asphalt and Concrete textures have a grey shade similar to that of roads, asphalt covered surfaces, runways and concrete buildings.

Dry, Wet and Muddy ground textures are intended for recreating dry or wet soil and mud. In order to create track marks, press the wheels or tracks onto the surface before it dries.

Dark Earth is perfect for recreating rich dark shades of earth on diorama bases where a thick and dense texture is desired. Light Earth texture is designed for lighter shades of earth.

Beach Sand is a fine and flat texture for recreating beach areas such as the beaches of Normandy. Desert Sand is suitable for any type of desert scene, for example North Africa. It can be shaped when wet and is very useful for making dunes.

Available options:
8011 AK Interactive Terrains - Snow, 250ml
8013 AK Interactive Terrains - Asphalt, 250ml
8014 AK Interactive Terrains - Concrete, 250ml
8015 AK Interactive Terrains - Dry Ground, 250ml
8016 AK Interactive Terrains - Wet Ground, 250ml
8017 AK Interactive Terrains - Muddy Ground, 250ml
8018 AK Interactive Terrains - Dark Earth, 250ml
8019 AK Interactive Terrains - Beach Sand, 250ml
8020 AK Interactive Terrains - Desert Sand, 250ml
8021 AK Interactive Terrains - Light Earth, 250ml
8022 AK Interactive Terrains - Sandy Desert, 250ml
8023 AK Interactive Terrains - Neutral Texture - Earth, 250ml

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