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Vallejo Model Colour 17ml


Vallejo Model Colour paints are suitable for all surfaces and adhere especially well to plastics and polyesters. These paints will allow you to easily cover even large surfaces without leaving brushstrokes. They are equally perfect for the smallest details of miniature artwork. All the colours dry to a matte and opaque finish except for the metallic and transparent colours.

Model Colour paints can be diluted with water and mixed with one another. They do not contain solvents or any ingredients harmful to health, and are not inflammable. Once the paint has dried, it is waterproof and permanent.

Includes: 1 x 17 ml bottle

VAL 70.802 Sunset Red
VAL 70.803 Brown Rose
VAL 70.804 Beige Red
VAL 70.805 German Orange
VAL 70.806 German Yellow
VAL 70.807 Oxford Blue
VAL 70.808 Blue Green
VAL 70.809 Royal Blue
VAL 70.810 Royal Purple
VAL 70.811 Blue Violet
VAL 70.812 Violet Red
VAL 70.814 Burnt Cadmium Red
VAL 70.815 Basic Skintone
VAL 70.816 Luftwaffe Uniform WWII
VAL 70.817 Scarlet
VAL 70.818 Red Leather
VAL 70.819 Iraqi Sand
VAL 70.820 Offwhite
VAL 70.821 German Cam Beige WWII
VAL 70.822 German Cam Black Brown
VAL 70.823 Luftwaffe Cam Green
VAL 70.824 German Cam. Orange Ochre
VAL 70.825 German Cam Pale Brown
VAL 70.826 German Cam Medium Brown
VAL 70.827 Lime Green
VAL 70.828 Woodgrain
VAL 70.829 Amarantha Red
VAL 70.830 German Fieldgrey WWII
VAL 70.833 German Cam. Bright Green
VAL 70.842 Gloss White
VAL 70.845 Sunny Skin Tone
VAL 70.847 Dark Sand
VAL 70.856 Ochre Brown
VAL 70.861 Gloss Black
VAL 70.862 Black Grey
VAL 70.894 Cam Olive Green
VAL 70.896 German Cam Extra Dark Green
VAL 70.917 Beige
VAL 70.920 German Uniform
VAL 70.921 English Uniform
VAL 70.922 US Uniform
VAL 70.923 Japanese Uniform WWII
VAL 70.924 Russian Uniform WWII
VAL 70.951 White
VAL 70.977 Desert Yellow
VAL 70.979 German Cam Dark Green

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