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Trumpeter 1:35 - Soviet Soldiers - Afghan War


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Trumpeter 1:35 Soviet Soldiers - Afghan War - Plastic Figure Model Kit #00433

The Soviet-Afghan War started in December 1979 and lasted for ten years until February 1989. The government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and the Soviet Army fought against insurgent groups who were backed by the United States and Pakistan. The conflict began in 1978 when People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan took power and implemented a series of reforms which were unpopular among the rural population of Afghanistan. The government arrested thousands of people from the opposition and executed thousands of political prisoners. By 1979 the country was in open rebellion and the president Nur Mohammad Taraki was murdered under orders of the Minister of Foreign Affairs who then took the president's post. These events resulted in the Soviet decision to send its troops to Afghanistan in December 1979. During the course of the war, between 500 thousand and 2 million civilians were killed. Millions of Afghans fled the country as refugees mostly to Pakistan and Iran.

This kit includes parts for the assembly of three Soviet soldiers and seven rifles.

Item No: 00433
Item Name: Soviet Soldier - Afghan War
Item Type: Plastic Military Figure Kit
Total Parts: 50+
Total Sprues: 4 sprues
Release Date: 2017-07

Collections: All, Soviet

Category: Trumpeter Figures

Type: Figurines

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