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Academy 1:35 - T-34/85 No. 112 Factory Production


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Academy 1:35 - T-34/85 Factory Production Version - Plastic Model Kit #13290

Perfect as a Berlin Assault tank or a Korean War unit. The T-34/85 entered production in 1944 as an improvement over the T-34/76. It featured heavier armour to withstand the increased firepower of the latest German tanks, a larger turret to house the new 85mm S-53 main gun, and internal stowage for 56 rounds of ammunition. The T34/85 was also equipped with 2x 7.62mm machine guns. Powered by a 12 cylinder diesel engine, the T-34/85 could move at speeds of up to 55 kph.

The T-34 was a Soviet medium tank that is generally considered as having had significant impact on tank design and development. The T-34 is often credited as the most effective, efficient and influential tank design of the Second World War. At the time of it's initial deployment he T-34 had an impressive combination of armament, speed, armour and toughness. The T-34 was armed primarily with a 76.2 mm (3 in) high-velocity gun which provided a substantial increase in firepower over any of its contemporaries; its heavy sloped armour was difficult to penetrate by most anti-tank weapons of the period. When first encountered in 1941, the German tank general von Kleist called it "the finest tank in the world" and Heinz Guderian confirmed the T-34's "vast superiority" over existing German armour of the time.

The T-34 was the primary vehicle of the Soviet armoured forces throughout World War II. The design allowed it to be constantly refined to meet the changing needs of the Eastern Front conflict: as the war progressed it became more capable, but also quicker and cheaper to produce. The Soviet Union would eventually produce more than 80,000 T-34s (all variants), allowing more and more to be deployed as the war continued despite losing great numbers to the Wehrmacht. The development of the T-34 led directly to the T-54 and T-55 series of tanks, which in turn evolved into the T-62, T-72, and T-90 that form the armoured mainstay of many modern armies. T-34 variants were widely exported after World War II and up to 1996 were still in service in at least 27 countries.

Features and options:

Detailed spring suspension in hull
Link and length track for ease of assembly/painting
Hull details including spare track links, fuel cells, stowage
Choice of circa 1945 or circa 1950 turret
Casting detail captured on turret surface
Choice of tall or short Commanders cupola
Positionable crew hatches

Markings are provided for six examples:

T-34/85, 904, Berlin, Germany, May 1945
T-34/85, M08, Berlin, Germany, May 1945
T-34/85, Yugoslavia, 1945
T-34/85, 738, North Korean Army, 1950
T-34/85, 229, North Korean Army, 1950
T-34/85, 'Knocked Out 20 July 1950 Under the Supervision of Major General WF Dean'

Download the instruction manual here.

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