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Academy 1:35 - T-34/76 No. 183 Factory Production


Academy 1:35 - T-34/76 No. 183 Factory Production - Plastic Model Kit #13505

The Soviet medium tank T-34 was the most produced tank of WWII that replaced many light and medium tanks in service with the Red Army. The initial version of the T-34 was equipped with a powerful 76.2 mm gun, and is often called the T-34/76.

Most of these tanks were produced at Factory No.183 which in September 1941 was evacuated from its original location in Kharkiv to Nizhniy Tagil when it became clear that Kharkiv was in danger of falling to the Germans. Factory No.183 in Nizhniy Tagil (Uralskiy Tankovyj Zavod, Ural Tank Factory) produced just over 15 thousand of the T-34/76 tanks. By the end of WWII, T-34's comprised at least 55% of the Soviet tank production. In the beginning of the war this figure was 4%.

When Germany launched the invasion of the Soviet Union, the T-34 was superior to any German tank and destroying T-34's in combat proved to be very difficult. However, the Red Army had still lost large numbers of these new tanks in 1941 due to the tactical and operational skills of the Germans as well as mechanical breakdowns which accounted for at least 50% of Soviet tank losses at the time. In the following years the T-34 saw a number of improvements while Germany continued to develop anti-tank guns capable of penetrating the T-34's armour. By 1943, the 76.2 mm gun was unable to penetrate the armour of the new German tanks and the Soviet Union began the production of the improved version of the T-34, the T-34/85.

Markings are provided for five options:

T-34/76, Unidentified Unit, Prokhorovka, July 1943
T-34/76, 264th Armoured Brigade, Ukraine, December 1943
T-34/76, Unidentified Unit, Kursk, July 1943
OT-34/76, Unidentified Unit, Pskov, Recovered in 2006
OT-34/76, Unidentified Unit, Unknown Area

Tank dimensions: Height 73 mm, Length 193 mm
Box size: 403 x 264 x 68 mm

Download the instruction manual here.

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