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Meng Model 1:35 German A7V Tank (Krupp)


Meng Model 1:35 - German A7V Tank (Krupp) - Plastic model kit #TS-017

The A7V was a German tank designed in 1916 in response to the first British tanks appearing during WWI on the Western Front. By 1918 twenty armoured vehicles were ready for use on the battlefield. Those were the only German tanks deployed in WWI. In contrast, France produced over 3,600 tanks and the British had over 2,500 units in service.

The dimensions of the A7V were 7.34m x 3m x 3.3m (L x W x H). The tank had steel plate armour, but as the steel was not hardened it could only protect against machine gun or rifle fire and was of little use against larger calibre ammunition. The armament included six MG 08 machine guns and a 5.7 cm Maxim-Nordenfelt cannon. Some of the cannons were trophies taken from British and Russian troops at the early stage of the war. 

The A7V had little success in combat so the German General War Department intended to introduce new designs. However, the defeat of Germany and the Versailles Treaty disrupted those plans. 

Kit details:
- Accurately represented exterior
- Realistic interior of the fighting compartment and the driver’s compartment
- Workable track links
- All hatches and viewing ports can be built open or closed
- Precision photo-etched parts included
- Length 229mm, Width 100mm

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