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AK Interactive - WWI British Uniforms


This paint set contains three basic khaki shades designed to paint uniforms worn by British troops during WWI. These colours were also common in British uniforms of the WWII era.

The word 'khaki' ('dust-colored', Hindi) came to English from British India. Uniforms of khaki colour were first introduced in 1848 by the Corps of Guides which was part of the British Indian Army. Later, khaki uniforms were used by the British Empire in several colonial conflicts, such as the Expedition to Abyssinia in 1867 and the Mahdist War in 1881. In 1902, after the Second Boer War, khaki was accepted as the colour of the continental British Service Dress.

Unlike traditional grey and red costumes, the khaki uniform allowed troops to remain inconspicuous in the battlefield. It was widely used by British forces throughout the two World Wars, however today it's worn only during official occasions and ceremonies.

AK3081 WWI British Uniform Base
AK3082 WWI British Uniform Light
AK3083 WWI British Uniform Shadow

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