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AK Interactive - WWI French Uniforms


By the beginning of 20th century, the French uniform had changed little from the Napoleonic era. French infantrymen and cavalry soldiers wore traditional blue trench coats and red trousers. Attempts on introducing more sensible combat clothing were rejected by conservatives both in military circles and among civilians. However, there were some who realised the downsides of the colourful field dress.

In order to satisfy both sides a new uniform was designed. It included red, white and blue threads which, intertwining together, created a drab purple-brown colour. The red threads had to be excluded though, as the dye needed for their production was made in Germany. Remaining white and blue threads produced the so-called "Horizon blue" colour.

In the face of the coming war the new uniform was accepted by the French Government and stayed unchanged till the end of the war. The colour set contains three basic shades designed to recreate the famous Horizon blue worn by French troops during WWI.

AK3101 WWI French Uniform Base
AK3102 WWI French Uniform Light
AK3103 WWI French Uniform Shadow

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