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Meng Model 1:35 - French FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret)


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Meng Model 1:35 - French FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret) - Plastic model kit #TS-008

The Renault FT, also known as the FT-17, was a French light tank of the late WWI period. Remarkable for its revolutionary design, the FT-17 played an invaluable role in the history of tank development. It was the first tank that featured a revolving turret. The FT-17 had a crew compartment at the front, an engine compartment in the rear, and main armament placed inside of the turret. This configuration became and remains the standard tank design making the FT-17 the first modern tank in the world. 

The first FT-17 turrets were made of cast steel and fitted with Hotchkiss 8mm machine guns. However, later the turrets were also adapted to carry 37mm Puteaux small canons.

The FT-17 was mainly deployed by French troops at the late stages of WWI. After the end of the war the tank was exported to many countries including Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Iran and others.

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