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AK Interactive (Meng) - US Modern Vehicles Colour Set


This six colours set allows painting different U.S. modern vehicles in desert scenarios. These colours reflect the CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings) used by the US military (MIL-DTL-53072E) - for example on Tan 686/A and Green 383. To read more on CARC click here

It includes colours such as the FS33446 Desert Tan with two variations for highlight volume intensity and modulation. It also includes the colour FS24533 for the interior of some US vehicles. The colours within this set are true to the actual colour with a little modification for the effect of scale.

This set contains:
MC201 U.S. Desert Tan
MC202 4BO Rubber Black
MC203 Olive Green
MC204 Light Greyish Green
MC251 U.S. Desert Tan Shadow
MC252 U.S. Desert Tan Light

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