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Academy 1:35 - M2A2 Bradley Iraq 2003


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Academy 1:35 - M2A2 Bradley Iraq 2003 - Plastic Model Kit #13205

The M2 Bradley is an American infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle family. It is used by US infantry units mainly for transportation and reconnaissance. Highly maneuverable and fast, it is able to protect the crew from small arms fire. Armed with the 25 mm M242 Chain Gun and TOW anti-tank missiles, the M2 Bradley is effective against major threats on battlefield. The vehicle is designed for a three-member crew (a commander, a gunner and a driver) and six soldiers carrying the necessary equipment.

The M2A2 version was issued in 1988. Featuring a better engine (600 hp or 447 kW) and a number of armour improvements, the M2A2 also had the ability to mount explosive reactive armour. The new armour also made the M2A2 amphibious. The turret of the vehicle acquired a semicircular shield which served as additional armour and provided more space for ammo storage.

The M2A2 and other M2 vehicles saw action during the the Gulf War in 1990 and Invasion of Iraq in 2003. In 2007 the production of the M2 Bradley was stopped and it was replaced by MRAPs which proved to be more durable in combat.

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- 387 total parts
- 369 yellow-sand styrene parts
- 16 sand vinyl parts
- 2 dark silver-grey vinyl parts
- Decal options

Decal options:
- M2A2 Bradley, US Army (1775-Now), Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003, Desert Tan
- M2A2 Bradley, US Army (1775-Now), Operation Iraqi Freedom, Bagdad 2003, Desert Tan

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