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AK Interactive - Iraq & Afghanistan Set


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This set of six acrylic colours allows you to paint the sand coloured schemes of the vehicles recently deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The set includes the gray-sand used by U.S. troops, the yellow-sand of the British Army, the Iraqi army sand colour and three colours of the Bundeswehr camouflage in desert theaters. The colours of each bottle correspond to the actual colour, with a little modification for scale effect.

These acrylic paints are suitable for both brush and airbrush. They are odourless and water soluble. The special AK Interactive formula prevents paints from clogging in the airbrush.

6 x 17ml bottles
AK725 New Iraqui Army Sand
AK726 British Sand Yellow
AK122 OIF & OEF US Vehicles base colour
AK727 RAL 8031 F9 German sand brown
AK728 RAL 8031 F9 German sand beige
AK729 RAL 7050 F7 German grey beige

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