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WWII Beginner Paint Set with Accessories *Plus Figure*


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A paint set you wont find anywhere else but here - plus useful accessories put together by the team at Panzer Models. All with the aim of helping out beginners and those coming back to the hobby after a long time away. These Vallejo colours and tools will help you to paint figures especially from the WWII period. We have not focused on adding many greens or uniform specific colours for German or Allied troops (plenty of sets from Vallejo and AK Interactive exist for this already), instead we have chosen a range that is useful and ready for mixing to give a large range of basic supporting layer colours and highlights. The set is based on our experiences and includes colours we find useful for general WWII 1/35 scale painting.


This set includes:

16 x Paints

VAL 70.951 White 
VAL 70.950 Black
VAL 70.817 Scarlett Red
VAL 70.899 Dark Prussian Blue
VAL 70.806 German Yellow
VAL 70.894 Cam Olive Green
VAL 70.865 Oily Steel
VAL 70.871 Leather Brown
VAL 70.860 Medium Flesh Tone
VAL 70.845 Sunny Skin Tone
VAL 70.976 Buff
VAL 72.061 Khaki 
VAL 70.540 Matt Medium
VAL 72.068 Smokey Ink
VAL 70.868 Dark Seagreen
VAL 70.818 Red Leather


AK 600 Brush AK Interactive 5 Round
AK Interactive Pipette
AK 618 AK Interactive Mix Addict Small


WW2 1/35 Figure (Random selection – unassembled)



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