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Academy 1:35 - M36/M36B2 "Battle of the Bulge"


Academy 1:35 - M36/M36B2 US Army "Battle of the Bulge" - Plastic Figure Model Kit #13501

The American tank destroyer M36 was designed in 1943 when the US Army needed a powerful vehicle to combat German Panther and Tiger tanks. This new tank was nicknamed "Jackson" in reference to the Confederate General of the Civil War, Stonewall Jackson. The M36's turret mounted the 90 mm gun M3 allowing the tank to nail down any known German tanks at 1000 to 2500m range depending on the armour thickness. However, due to its open-top turret the tank was vulnerable to shell fragments and snipers. Field modifications, particularly additional roof iron plating, were hastily performed by the crews. Later on folding panels were developed for protection against shell fragments, these were adopted by the M36B2. 

Kit details:
- Can be built as M36 or M36B2
- 90mm main gun
- .50 caliber machine gun
- Over 600 plastic parts
- Photo-etched parts included
- Detailed driver's station
- Detailed hull interior with crew and ammo stowage
- Detailed turret interior including stowage and gun breech

The following markings are provided:
- M36, US Army 82nd Airborne Div, Belgium, 1944
- M36, US Army 703rd TD, Belgium, 1944
- M36, US Army 2nd Cavalry, Germany 1945
- M36B2, ROK Army, 53rd Tank Company, 1953
- M36B2, France Régiment Blindé Colonial d'Extrême-Orient, Tonkin, 1951
- M36B2, France Régiment Blindé Colonial d'Extrême-Orient, Tonkin, 1953

Download the manual here

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