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Vallejo - 40 ml Weathering Effects

VAL 73801

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Vallejo Weathering Effects 40ml

Includes: 1 x 40 ml bottle

Available colours:
VAL73801 European Splash Mud
VAL73802 Russian Splash Mud
VAL73803 Industrial Splash Mud
VAL73804 Light Brown Splash Mud
VAL73805 Brown Splash Mud
VAL73806 Black Splash Mud
VAL73807 European Thick Mud
VAL73808 Russian Thick Mud
VAL73809 Industrial Thick Mud
VAL73810 Light Brown Thick Mud
VAL73811 Brown Thick Mud
VAL73812 Black Thick Mud
VAL73813 Oil Stains
VAL73814 Fuel Stains
VAL73815 Engine Grime
VAL73816 Diesel Stain
VAL73817 Petrol Spills
VAL73818 Brown Engine Soot
VAL73819 Rainmarks
VAL73820 Snow
VAL73821 Rust Texture
VAL73822 Slimy Grime Dark
VAL73823 Slimy Grime Light
VAL73824 Streaking Grime
VAL73825 Crushed Grass
VAL73826 Mud and Grass Effect
VAL73827 Moss and Lichen Effect
VAL73828 Wet Effects

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