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Vallejo Model Colour Set - Panzer Aces No 4 (x8)


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Vallejo Model Colour Set - Panzer Aces No 4 (x8) - Set #70127

Vallejo Panzer Aces are presented in a series of paint sets, each dedicated to a particular selection of colours.

Panzer Aces No. 4 contains 8 colours for painting Soviet, Italian and Japanese WWII uniforms. Each paint comes in a 17ml bottle with eyedropper. The packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying out.

The set includes:
VAL70.325 Russian Tank Crew I
VAL70.326 Russian Tank Crew II
VAL70.327 Italian Tank Crew
VAL70.328 Japan Tank Crew
VAL70.329 Highlight Russian Tank Crew I
VAL70.330 Highlight Russian Tank Crew II
VAL70.331 Highlight Italian Tank Crew
VAL70.332 Highlight Japan Tank Crew

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