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Vallejo Model Colour Set - Panzer Aces No 3 (x8)


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Vallejo Model Colour Set - Panzer Aces No 3 (x8) - Set #70126

Vallejo Panzer Aces are presented in a series of paint sets, each dedicated to a particular selection of colours.

Panzer Aces No. 3 contains 8 colours for painting British, American and French WWII uniforms. Each paint comes in a 17ml bottle with eyedropper. The packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying out.

The set includes:
VAL70.317 British Tank Crew
VAL70.318 US Army Tank Crew
VAL70.319 USMC Tank Crew
VAL70.320 French Tank Crew
VAL70.321 Highlight Bristish Tank Crew
VAL70.322 US Army Tank Highlight
VAL70.323 USMC Tank Highlight
VAL70.324 French Tank Highlight

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