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Trumpeter 1:35 Soviet Project / Object 704 SPH Howitzer


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Trumpeter 1:35 Soviet Project / Object 704 SPH Howitzer - Plastic model kit #TRU05575 

As Soviet forces started to push German troops out of Russia, the armament factories were busy developing new military technology to counter the Panther and Tiger tanks and their various tank destroyer units. The ISU-152 series entered production in 1943 based on the KV-1 heavy tank chassis, armed with the ML-20 152.4mm gun howitzer. Despite these new variants being sent into combat, Soviet designers were immediately looking at new developments. 

One of these experiments was the Object 704 which adopted the chassis features of the IS-2 and IS-3 tanks and was distinctive with its sloping armour and lower profile. Armed with the ML-20SM 
model 1944 gun-howitzer, with a barrel length of over 4.5 metres (29.6 calibers) and no muzzle brake, which further increased the firepower of the gun, the vehicle provided the best crew protection of all self-propelled guns in World War II. However, with a crew of five, a low ceiling in the fighting compartment, and the lack of muzzle brake, the workload was unbearable for the crew from the gun recoil. It had a maximum range of 13,000 metres. Only one prototype was built and it is on display in a Russian armour museum. The self-propelled gun carried 20 rounds of two piece (shell and charge) armour-piercing and high explosive ammunition. The secondary armament of the fighting vehicle consisted of two 12.7 x 108 mm DShK machine guns, one anti-aircraft and one co-axial.

The Object 704 self-propelled howitzer was designed to replace the ISU-152. 

The overall height of the vehicle was reduced to 2240 mm, which was compensated with an increased width of the superstructure. The factory designation was Object 704. It was armed with the 152.4 mm ML-20SM   

Product Information

Trumpeter's kit is moulded in grey styrene and presented on 15 sprues plus the upper and lower hull halves, 12 sprues are in a rust coloured styrene, it includes one turned aluminium barrel, and a few photo-etched parts. Contains of over 460 parts including the kit with refined detail, multi-slide moulded lower hull, 192 individual tracks links and photo-etched parts.

Item No: 05575
Item Name: Soviet Project 704 SPH
Scale: 1:35
Item Type: Static Kit
Model Brief Length: 244.5mm Width: 97.7mm
Total Parts: 460+
Metal Parts: n/a
Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece
Film Parts: n/a
Resin Parts: n/a
Total Sprues: 27, lower hull and upper hull
Released Date: 2014-03

More Features:

The kit consists of over 460 parts
Includes refined detail
Multi-slide moulded lower hull
192 individual tracks links
Photo-etched parts included
Detailed suspension and road wheels
Individual track link assembly to replicate track sag
Nicely detailed DShK anti-aircraft gun
Detailed (massive) main gun mantlet with metal gun barrel
Main gun barrel is movable in azimuth and elevation
Photo-etched rifling insert for tip of gun barrel to replicate howitzer
Basic pioneering tools and external fuel drum storage provided


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