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Trumpeter 1:35 German Super Heavy Jagdpanzer E-100


Trumpeter 1:35 - German Super Heavy Jagdpanzer E-100 - Plastic model kit #01596

The Entwicklung series (German for "development"), shortened to E-Series, was a family of late WWII German tanks that were planned to be developed according to a standardised design. This was an attempt to stop the production of extremely complex and mechanically unreliable tanks in favour of cheaper, simpler and more efficient designs. However, the E-Series tanks featured only small modifications in armour and gun power compared to their predecessors which they were intended to replace.

The E-100 was one of the latest tanks of the E-Series. Based on the Tiger-Maus design that combined features of the Tiger II and the Maus, the E-100 prototype was constructed in 1944. However, further development was practically ended right after Hitler had issued the order to stop the Maus project.

Initially, a 75mm coaxial gun similar to the one from the Maus was meant to serve as the vehicle's armament, but later it was decided to choose a 170mm anti-tank gun in order to save more space for the crew and equipment. Another advantage of the 170mm gun was that it could shoot armour piercing projectiles at the range of up to 4 km. The speed of the tank was expected to reach 40 km/h.

Item No: 01596
Item Name: German E-100
Scale: 1:35
Item Type: Static Kit
Model Dimensions: Length: 365.19mm, Width: 127.83mm
Total Parts: 270+
Total Sprues: 7 sprues, lower hull, upper hull and rubber tracks
Paint Schemes: German Army
Release date: 2011-07

- The kit consists of over 270 parts
- Refined detail
- Multi-slide moulded lower hull and upper hull
- Rubber tracks with fine detail
- Photo-etched parts included

Collections: All, Axis Forces (WWII), German, Vehicles, WWII

Category: Trumpeter Tanks

Type: Tanks

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