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Revell 1:35 LCM3 50ft Landing Craft & Jeep


Revell 1:35 - LCM3 50ft Landing Craft & Jeep - Plastic Model Kit #03000

June 6, 1944, best known as "D-Day", was one of the crucial days of the Second World War, the day when the Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy. At the landing light vehicles and some other cargos were carried ashore from the LCM3 50ft landing crafts which had been widely used by British and American naval forces since 1942. Cargo capacity of those crafts was up to 30 tonnes. As for the vehicles, the most common cars employed during the war were all-wheel-drive jeeps. Those jeeps were often brought ashore from landing crafts to the coast by the soldiers for the purpose of transportation.

Includes: LCM-3, jeep, 6 figures, movable bow ramp, detailed stand, true-to-original reproduction of propelling screw, two movable MG mounts, numerous accessories such as fuel drums and life buoys, two sets of decals. 

Total parts: 291
Skill Level: 5 (Very Challenging)
Length: 435mm

Paints required
Main: 36109, 36135, 36136, 36145, 36146, 36156, 36178, 36186
Optional: 36105, 36176, 36106, 36186, 36154, 36189, 36157, 36382, 36130, 36191, 36183, 36179, 36188


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