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Revell 1:35 Armoured Scout Vehicle P204 (f)


Revell 1:35 - Armoured Scout Vehicle P204 (f) - Plastic Model Kit #03259

The Panhard 178 or "Pan-Pan" was a French four-cylinder armoured car designed for the French Cavalry in 1932 and aimed to function as a long-range scout vehicle. It had room for four crew members and was fitted with 25 mm armament and 7.5 mm machine gun.

As a reconnaissance car, the Panhard 178 was rather small, only 4.8 m long and 2.3 m high. Despite its weight of over 8 tonnes, the vehicle was still able to reach speeds of over 70 km/h. However, its off-road speed was limited to 42 km/h.

At the outbreak of the Second World War a number of Panhards were captured by German troops and renamed Panzerspähwagen P204 (f). In 1941 at least 190 units were manufactured for use in Operation Barbarossa.

The Panhard 178 design was considered advanced for its time and remained modern long after the war. It was the first four-cylinder armoured car mass-produced in France.

Total parts: 158
Skill Level: 4
Release date: 01/2017

- Rotating turret with detailed interior
- Representation of the driving position and engine
- Rubber tyres
- Authentic decal set for following versions: Wehrmacht, Operation Barbarossa, Eastern Front, Russia, 1941-1942 and Wehrmacht, Anti-Partisan Role, France, 1944

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