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Miniart 1:35 Soviet Naval Troops (Special Edition)


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Miniart 1:35 - Soviet Naval Troops (Special Edition) - Plastic Figure Model Kit #35094

Building a Soviet fleet was a national priority, but many senior officers were killed in purges in the late 1930s. When Germany invaded in 1941 and captured millions of soldiers, many sailors and naval guns were detached to reinforce the Red Army; these reassigned naval forces had especially significant roles on land in the battles for Odessa, Sevastopol, Stalingrad, Novorossiysk, Tuapse, and Leningrad. The Baltic fleet was blockaded in Leningrad and Kronstadt by minefields, but the submarines escaped. The surface fleet fought with the anti-aircraft defence of the city and bombarded German positions.

Through Lend-Lease, the U.S. and Britain gave the USSR ships with a total displacement of 810,000 tons. The composition of the Soviet fleets in 1941 included 3 aged battleships, 7 cruisers, 59 destroyer-leaders and squadron-destroyers, 218 submarines, 269 torpedo boats, 22 patrol vessels, 88 minesweepers, 77 submarine-hunters, and a range of other smaller vessels.

During the war, many of the vessels on the slips in Leningrad and Nikolayev were destroyed (mainly by aircraft and mines), but the Soviet Navy received captured Romanian destroyers and Lend-Lease small craft from the U.S., as well as the old Royal Navy battleship HMS Royal Sovereign (renamed Arkhangelsk) and the United States Navy cruiser USS Milwaukee (renamed Murmansk) in exchange for the Soviet part of the captured Italian navy.

From the beginning of hostilities, Soviet Naval Aviation provided air support to naval and land operations involving the Soviet Navy. This service was responsible for the operation of shore-based floatplanes, long-range flying boats, catapult-launched and vessel-based planes, and land-based aircraft designated for naval use.

The kit contains 154 parts.
Includes parts for five figures, weapons and equipment.
Box: 260mm x 162mm x 35mm

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Category: Miniart Figures

Type: Figurines

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