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Miniart 1:35 German Infantry Weapons and Equipment


Miniart 1:35 - German Infantry Weapons and Equipment - Plastic Model Kit #35247

This kit includes parts for German infantry weapons and equipment. 


Arms: Walther G41 Semi-automatic rifle, Rifle 98k, Kar 98k Sniper Rifle w/Zf4 Scope, Selective-fire Automatic Rifle FG 42, MP 44 Assault Rifle, Submachinegun ERMA (EMP), Bergmann MP 34, Maschinenpistole MP 28, Maschinenpistole MP 40, Browning HP 35, Astra 600/43, Walther P 38, Luger P 08, Flare Pistol, Bayonet and Scabbard, Bayonet 

Accessories: Binoculars, Case for binoculars, Browning holster, Astra holster, Walther holster, Walther holster opened, Luger holster, Flare pistol pigskin case, Flare pistol holster, Canteen and cup, Bread pouch (bag), Gas mask container, Map case, Cooking pot model 31, Cartridge belt, Cartridge belt Model 33 for Kar 98k, Cartridge belt for FG 42, Magazine pouches for MP 44, Cartridge belt for ERMA, Cartridge belt for MP 34, Cartridge belt for MP 28, Cartridge belt for MP 40, First-aid kit, Foldable spade, Shovel (Entrenching tool)

Other: 1/35 scale German maps, 1/35 scale German magazines

Kit details:
- 179 parts
- 114 plastic parts
- 65 photo-etched parts
- Decals included
- Box: 260mm x 162mm x 35mm

Download instructions with a full list of content here

Collections: All, Axis Forces (WWII), German, WWII

Category: Miniart Equipment

Type: Small Arms

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