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Miniart 1:35 - German Cargo Truck L 1500 S


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Miniart 1:35 - German Cargo Truck L 1500 S - Plastic Figure Model Kit #38014

The L 1500 was a German light truck produced by Daimler-Benz AG from 1941 to 1944. This model was available in two variants: the rear-wheel-drive model L 1500 S and the all-wheel-drive model L 1500 A. In total over 4,000 L 1500 S's were built, with over 3,000 of them designed as light fire-fighting vehicles.

The L 1500 S was a two-axle truck featuring the R6 Otto-motor engine (44 kW). The power was transmitted via a manual transmission. The wheels had 190-20 tires with drum brakes. In general, the vehicles were aimed at civil use often serving as flatbed and cargo trucks.

The kit contains 688 parts. Includes a model of the The L 1500 S truck, wooden barrels, milk cans, milk and beer bottles with crates and a sheet of decal for 8 options.
Box: 345mm x 240mm x 60mm

Decal options:
- Civil Alpen-Milch 1205-OE3 Saarbrücken 1950
- Civil Milch IB 56-52 West Berlin 1950
- Civil Deutsche Reichspost RP-36022 1941
- Civil Deutsche Post DP 27-457 1950
- Civil Dressler Bier AE 29-2604 American occupation zone, Bremen | 1947
- Civil Grobwascherei IE-351342
- Civil Karl Ostermann Transporte tel:326 30-3062
- Civil 14 Engelhardt IB 32-60

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