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Miniart 1:35 - German Artillery Crew (Special Edition)


Miniart 1:35 - German Artillery Crew (Special Edition) - Plastic Figure Model Kit #35192

The kit represents five members of a German artillery crew. This can be a great addition to a diorama featuring the German Field Gun FK39 (r) 7.62cm.

The kit contains 188 parts.
Includes parts for five figures and four ammunition boxes with shells.
Box: 260mm x 162mm x 35mm

The ammunition includes:
- 8 x 76mm UOF 354M HE-Fragmentation shells
- 8 x 76mm UBR-354P with the armour-piercing sub-calibre projectile BR-240P
- 8 x Solid Shot UBR-271K with 57mm AP-T shells
- 8 x used cartridges for the shells

Collections: All, Axis Forces (WWII), German, WWII

Category: Miniart Figures

Type: Figurines

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