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Miniart 1:35 - Finnish Tank Crew


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Miniart 1:35 - Finnish Tank Crew - Plastic Figure Model Kit #35222

During the Second World War, the Finnish army participated in three major conflicts - the Winter War in 1939-1940 which began with the invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union, the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union which started just over a year after the Winter War and lasted until 1944, and the Lapland War between Finland and Germany from September 1944 until April 1945.

This kit includes five figures of Finnish tank crew members of the WWII period.

Download instructions for this kit here

The kit contains 50 parts.
Includes parts for five figures.
Box: 260mm x 162mm x 35mm

Collections: All, Alpine and Snow Dioramas, WWII

Category: Miniart Figures

Type: Figurines

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