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Miniart 1:35 Dingo MK IB British Armoured Car w/Crew


Miniart 1:35 - Dingo MK IB British Armoured Car w/Crew - Plastic Model Kit #35067

The Dingo was a British light two-man armoured car, relatively low and wide enough to have the required stability for fast off-road rides. Its initial armour was thin, just enough to stand against infantry ordnance. At the Army’s request, it was thickened, reaching 30mm (1.18 in) on the front nose and glacis. Deflecting armoured sloped panels were welded all around the central framework. The front driving compartment had four opening hatches. The engine was the regular Daimler 6-cyl 2.5 l 55 hp (41 kW), fed by a 300 l (79.25 gal) gasoline reserve (two tanks), which gave an incredibly long range for its small size. The transmission consisted of a pre-selector gearbox, fluid flywheel, five forward gears and five reverse gears, allowing steering with all four wheels. This feature gave the Dingo a very tight turning radius, only 7m (23 ft), but the system was tricky to master for inexperienced drivers, so a more conventional design with front-wheel steering was chosen. 

During the course of wartime production, it appeared that the flat bottom plate, which allowed the crossing of uneven ground, was highly vulnerable to mines. The rubber tires were of the run-flat semi-solid type, so no spares were carried, but their toughness was compensated by the massive vertical coil springs, to give a smooth ride. There was a swiveling seat next to the driver, for a machine-gun servant/radio operator, equipped with a N°19 wireless radio set. The base armament was a removable cal. 0.303 (7.7 mm) Bren gun, with a dozen spare magazines. This armament could be swapped over for a heavier Boys antitank rifle (cal 0.55 in/14 mm). This gave the vehicle, which was fast and well-protected, with a good engine and low profile, a real advantage against all sorts of light vehicles, making it perfectly suited for reconnaissance and liaison missions.

The Dingo was produced from 1939 to 1945, and remained virtually unaltered. The Mark IB was the third variant of the series. It had a reverse cooling air flow and new armoured grilles for the radiator, allowing better ventilation. The bulk of these vehicles served in the Libyan desert.

This kit represents a British Dingo MK IB armoured car and three British crew-members: a driver, an observer and an officer. All three figures are dressed in British desert uniforms and armed with holstered revolvers. The officer has a pair of binoculars, a water bottle and a map case.

The kit contains 218 parts.
Includes parts for one armoured car and three figures.
Box: 345mm x 240mm x 60mm

Decals options:
- British Army, 7 Armoured Division, 1 Field Squadron Royal Engineers F 47483, World War II, Libya 1942, Sand with dark-earth stripes
- Canadian Army, 1 Canadian Army Tank Brigade, Calgary Reg Hunter, Operation Jubilee, Diepe, August 1942, Dark green, dark earth, black
- British Army, 7 Armoured Division, 4 Armoured Brigade, 5 Battalion F19370, World War II, Libya 1942, Sand

You can download instruction sheets here.

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