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Meng Model 1:35 - US Military Individual Load Carrying Equipment


Meng Model 1:35 - Modern US Military Individual Load Carrying Equipment - Plastic model kit #SPS-015

This plastic kit from the Meng Models Supplies series includes 17 most common pieces of modern US Military individual load-carrying equipment, such as medium and large backpacks, hard Pelican cases in different sizes, a hydration system, foam sleeping mats, different helmet configurations and more. Some of the backpacks have additional MOLLE pouches that can be attached to the sides. A good addition to US military figures and dioramas. 


  • Standard MOLLE Backpack x 2
  • 3-Day Assault MOLLE Backpack x 2
  • MOLLE Medic Bag 
  • MOLLE Water Canteen x 2
  • Rothco MOLLE 3 Liter Backstrap Hydration System
  • Pelican 1640 Case
  • Pelican 1700 Case
  • Pelican 1780 Case
  • Helmets MICH / ACH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet / Advanced Combat helmet) x 4
  • MOLLE SAW Gunner Pouch
  • MOLLE Sleeping Mat x 2

Recommended paints:
VAL 70.827 Lime Green
VAL 70.861 Glossy Black
VAL 70.922 Uniform Green
VAL 70.971 Green Grey
VAL 70.977 Desert Yellow

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