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Academy 1:35 - M113A1 APC Vietnam version (ACA01389)


Academy 1:35 - M113A1 APC Vietnam version (ACA01389) - Plastic Model Kit #13266

The M113 is an American armoured personnel carrier (APC) that was introduced in the 1960's and first saw action with the US Army during the Vietnam War. The carrier featured aluminium armour that significantly reduced its weight, improved its amphibious performance, and also was able to stop small arms fire. The most extensively deployed armoured carrier of the US Army in Vietnam, the M113 was nicknamed "Green Dragon" by Viet Cong as it was able to move through thick undergrowth and jungle in order to attack enemy positions.

The M113 had many modifications adapted for the use in various countries. Over 80,000 M113s of all types have been used around the world, as such the vehicle is considered the most widespread armoured carrier ever produced. In the US Army the M113 has already been phased out, but a number of units still serve as utility vehicles. 

The M113A1 model was issued in 1964. Unlike the original version equipped with a gasoline engine, the M113A1 was powered by a 215 hp diesel engine. The suffix A1 became the designation of diesel-engined vehicles of the series.

Kit details:

- Various types of cupolas and added arms included
- Fully detailed interior of crew and engine copartments
- Includes 5 figures and various accessories
- Choice of one-piece flexible or individual tracks

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