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Master Box 1:35 - Accident, Soviet & German Military, Summer 1941


Master Box 1:35 Accident, Soviet & German Military, Summer 1941 - Plastic Figure Model Kit #3590

The kit represents three Soviet military men taking aim at two German soldiers. 22 June 1941 marked the beginning of the Great Patriotic War when the Nazi troops and German allied forces invaded the Soviet Union. The invasion was also called "Operation Barbarossa" named after the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I who was nicknamed "Barbarossa" because of his red beard (in Italian: barba, "beard", and rossa, "red"). 

Even though the Red Army suffered significant losses at the beginning of the War, Operation Barbarossa is often called the biggest Hitler's failure because it eventually led to the crushing defeat of the Nazis and collapse of the Third Reich in 1945. 

The kit includes parts for the assembly of five figures. Glue and paint are not included.

Collections: All, German, Soviet, WWII

Category: Master Box Figures

Type: Figurines

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