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Master Box 1:35 - Volkssturm, Ammunition to the Frontline


Master Box 1:35 Volkssturm, Ammunition to the Frontline - Plastic Figure Model Kit #35182

The Volkssturm, a German national militia or 'people's army', was set up by the Nazi Party during the last months of World War II. Its official existence was announced on October 18, 1944, although on paper it had existed since around 1925. Hitler ordered to recruit six million men for the Volkssturm. It was staffed by males between 16 and 60 years old who were not already serving in other military units. However, the intended strength of six million was never attained. Members of the Volkssturm received only basic military training, such as a brief indoctrination and training on the use of basic weapons. Due to the lack of instructors, weapons training was sometimes done by World War I veterans. Aware of the Volkssturm's inability to withstand the attacks of the Allies, Hitler ordered that mixed battle-groups were formed from the members of the 'people's army' along with regular units.

The kit represents two German children of war, a boy and a girl, pulling a bicycle cart full with ammunition supplies along a ruined street.

The contents of the cart include:
- 3 x German helmets
- 3 x gas mask containers
- 3 x Panzerfaust 60 guns
- 2 x Kar 98k rifles
- 1 x Gewehr 43 rifles
- 1 x STEN gun

Includes parts for the assembly of two figures, one bicycle cart and ammunition. Glue and paint are not included.

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Category: Master Box Figures

Type: Figurines

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