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HobbyBoss 1:35 Soviet T-26 Light Infantry Tank Mod. 1935


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The T-26 was a Soviet light infantry tank based on the British Vickers 6-Ton tank designed by the Vickers-Armstrongs company in 1928-1929. The T-26 was one of the most successful tanks of its time. More than 11,000 T-26's were manufactured in the 1930s. The USSR developed more than 50 different variants and experimental vehicles based on the T-26 chassis, with 23 variants going into series production.

The T-26 was used by the Red Army since 1932. It saw combat in many conflicts of the 1930s and during the Second World War. Along with the BT, the T-26 was considered the main tank of the Red Army during the interwar period. The T-26 saw action in the Spanish Civil War, the Soviet-Japanese border conflict, and the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939. In 1941 it could withstand most German tanks, but was inferior to the Panzer III and Panzer IV participating in Operation Barbarossa. The T-26 was then gradually replaced by the superior T-34. The remaining T-26's participated in the Battle of Moscow, the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of the Caucasus.

Item No: 82496
Item Name: Soviet T-26 Light Infantry Tank Mod. 1935
Scale: 1:35
Item Type: Static kit
Model Dimension: Length 132.2mm, Width 70.7mm
Total Plastic Parts: 970+
Total Sprues: 39 sprues, lower hull and tracks
Chromeplate Parts: n/a
Resin Parts: n/a
Metal Parts: n/a
Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece
Film Accessory: n/a
Release Date: 2012-12

- Multi-directional slide molded lower hull w/fine detail
- 240 individual track links
- Photo-etched parts included

Collections: All, Soviet, Vehicles, WWII

Category: HobbyBoss Tanks

Type: Tanks

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