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HobbyBoss 1:35 Russian ZIS-5 Truck


The ZIS-5 was a 4x2 Soviet truck that originated from the AMO-2 series. Its mass production started in 1933 at Moscow ZIS factory (ZIS - "Zavod Imeni Stalina" or Plant of Stalin's Name) and lasted long after the war.

The truck instantly became one of the most widely used vehicles of next two decades. Due to its high reliability and simple construction it gained popularity with Soviet troops in wartime: at the outbreak of Operation Barbarossa up to 100 thousand ZIS-5's were in service with the Red Army. During the war the ZIS-5 was deployed as both a cargo vehicle and a light artillery tractor. It was also used to transport soldiers and military supplies to the front lines.

The ZIS-5 was the second most used army truck of the early war period, surpassed only by the GAZ-AA. It played a great role in supplying provisions to Leningrad during the Blockade. The ZIS-5 was also the first Soviet truck consigned for export to such countries as Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Spain, China, Romania and others.

Item No: 83885
Item Name: Russian ZIS-5 Truck
Scale: 1:35
Item Type: Plastic Model Armor Kit
Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece
Model Dimension: Length 107.2mm, Width 61.4mm
Total Plastic Parts: 240+
Total Sprues: 7 sprues and tires
Release Date: 2016-06

- The kit consists of over 240 parts including 6 clear parts
- Details finely represented
- Fully detailed main tires
- Photo-etched parts included

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