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HobbyBoss 1:35 German Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. D / TAUCH


For the Operation Sea Lion, the planned invasion of the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain, the Commander of the Army originally requested 180 underwater tanks. 42 Panzer IV Ausf.D's, as well as some Pz.III's and StuG III's, were converted into the Tauchpanzer ("diving tank"). All the openings were covered with rubber sheeting, and the turret ring was protected by inflatable rubber ring. The exhausts were fitted with non-return valves. The driver’s visor was made watertight by special metal cover with a visor block. Air was supplied via a flexible 18-meter hose held on the surface by a buoy. Tauchpanzers could submerge to a depth of about 15 meters, and had the maximum underwater speed of 3 mph. After the Operation was given up, almost all the vehicles were assigned to the 18th Panzer Division and some were used during the River Bug crossing in Operation Barbarossa.

Item No: 80132
Item Name: German Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. D / TAUCH
Scale: 1:35
Item Type Static kit
Total Sprues: 49 sprues, lower hull and turret
Metal Part: Copper cable
Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece
Release Date: 2015-07



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