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Dragon 1:35 - German Nachtjager, Berlin 1945


Dragon 1:35 - German Nachtjager, Berlin 1945 - Plastic Figure Model Kit #6089

An active infrared device codenamed the Vampir (ZG 1229) was developed for the Wehrmacht for use on rifles and machine guns at night time. The Wehrmacht soldiers started to use Vampir gear at the final stages of WWII. Soldiers who carried the Vampir were known as Nachtjäger - night hunters. Along with the device, they also carried a 13.5 kilogram wooden cased battery for the light, and another battery inside a gas mask container to power the image converter. The sensor operated in the upper infrared spectrum and therefore was not sensitive to body heat.

The kit includes parts for the assembly of four German soldiers, three with night scope rifles (the Vampir mounted on the MP44) and one with an anti-aircraft shoulder fire weapon - the Fliegerfaust.

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