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Dragon 1:35 - German Combat Unit, Ardennes 1944-45


Dragon 1:35 - German Combat Unit, Waffen SS, Ardennes 1944-45 - Plastic Model Kit #6002

The last major German offensive on the Western Front of WWII, the Battle of the Bulge ('Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein' or the Ardennes Counteroffensive) was launched on the 16th of December 1944 through the dense forest of Ardennes in eastern Belgium. The German plan was to destroy the Allied armies and force them to negotiate a peace treaty in Germany's favour. Germany would then be able to fully concentrate their efforts on the Eastern Front.

The German Army planned this offensive with utmost secrecy, and on 16 December 1944 the surprise attack caught the Allies completely off guard. American forces incurred their highest casualties of any operation during WWII. However fierce resistance on the Elsenborn Ridge and around Bastogne impeded the German advance and allowed the Allies to reinforce their troops. Subsequent Allied air attacks led to the failure of the offensive. The Battle of the Bulge was the second bloodiest battle in American history.

This kit contains over 60 parts for the assembly of four figures of German soldiers.

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Category: Dragon Figures

Type: Figurines

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