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Dragon 1:35 - DAK Kubelwagen with Officers


Dragon 1:35 - DAK Kubelwagen with Officers - Plastic Model Kit #6364

Kübelwagen was a WWII German light military vehicle used by both Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. It was produced by Volkswagen from February 1940 until the end of the war and came in a number of types and variants. 

Kübelwagens were simple, reliable and showed good cross-country performances. They served on all fronts with the German Army until the end of WWII and after. The vehicles were not armoured or armed, and were used mostly as staff cars. For rainy weather Kübelwagens used a folding canvas roof. The vehicles withstood the hot climate of North Africa without problems.

This kit contains over 160 parts for the assembly of one Kübelwagen and four German officers in North Africa. 

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