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Division Miniatures 1:35 Resin Figure - US Marine Sniper (Vietnam)


Division Miniatures 1:35 US Marine Sniper (Vietnam) - Resin Figure #35-046

US Marine Corps infantrymen and reconnaissance Marines graduated from the US Marine Corps Scout Sniper School are known as Scout Snipers. In order to get this designation, the snipers must be conferred the rank of Lance Corporal, be selected to enter the scout-sniper platoon, and finish a special training course.

The main skills of a USMC Scout Sniper include fieldcraft, marksmanship and map-reading. The primary battlefield role of the sniper is to support the infantry battalion by executing aimed fire on selected targets as well as to perform reconnaissance and surveillance tasks.

The kit is based on a photo of Lance Corporal Dalton Gunderson 3rd Marine Division scanning the area for VC snipers with a Winchester Model 70 during Operation Virginia in 1966. This picture is often misattributed as being Carlos Hathcock, a legendary sniper of the US Marine Corps. During the Vietnam War, Hathcock killed at least 93 Vietnamese soldiers. At that time an officer had to witness the kills to confirm them. That made the confirmation difficult as officers could not be present every time a sniper shot the enemy. Hathcock asserted that he had killed over 300 men in Vietnam.

The kit includes one unpainted resin figure of an American USMC sniper and a Winchester Model 70 sporting rifle (unofficially issued in Vietnam and used by Hathcock and others during his first tour).

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