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Division Miniatures 1:35 Resin Figure - US Army/Marine L.R.R.P (Vietnam)


Division Miniatures 1:35 US Army/Marine L.R.R.P. (Vietnam) - Resin Figure #35-048

L.R.R.P. or Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol units were first used during the Vietnam war by the 101st Airborne Division in 1965. Various Infantry Divisions followed suit and by 1966 all Infantry Divisions had been authorised to establish their own L.R.R.P. unit. Training to become a L.R.R.P. soldier was strenuous and training staff were often Special Forces trained soldiers that had graduated from the infamous 'Recondo School' in Nha Trang. The USMC also used Force Recon and Battalion Recon teams to conduct long ranged recon operations. USMC Recon teams were normally larger in size and more heavily armed, unlike their Army and SF counterparts, Marine Recon did not commonly use indigenous Montagnards as scouts. 

In 1969 all Army 'Lurps' were merged into the 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger).

The kit includes one unpainted resin figure of an American L.R.R.P. soldier with Alice pack and Colt Carbine.

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