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Division Miniatures 1:35 Resin Figure - German Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Infantry) WWII


Division Miniatures 1:35 German Gebirgsjäger, Mountain Infantry, WWII - Resin Figure #35-053

The light infantry section of German and Austrian alpine troops are called Gebirgsjäger (Jäger - 'hunter'). The Gebirgsjäger, along with German paratroopers, are considered the elite infantry units of the German Army.

During the Second World War, the Gebirgsjäger units were lightly equipped and often used mules as their transport. Mountain infantry men carried fewer automatic weapons than regular infantry and could be identified by the edelweiss insignia on their sleeves and caps. Machine gunners usually had more ammunition than the regular infantry.

The Gebirgsjäger troops took part in a number of WWII battles, including the Gothic Line, the invasion of Crete, the operations in the Caucasus and others.

The kit includes one unpainted resin figure of a German soldier.

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