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Deluxe Materials - Solid Water 90ml


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Solid Water is a low odour, 2 part resin for simulating crystal clear, hard and durable water. It helps create the illusion of deep water with minimal thickness. 

Using one of the syringes, accurately measure 2 parts of resin into the mixing cup. Ensure that you do not cross contaminate the syringes. For each 2 parts of resin, add 1 part of hardener. Do not add extra hardener, as it will not accelerate the curing time. Using the spatula, mix thoroughly and add colour if necessary. Pour the solid water into your prepared base. If required, the solid water can be textured with a toothbrush after 8 to 10 hours, which gives the illusion of a realistic flow of water. The solid water will need 24 hours to fully harden. 


  • Solid Water Resin
  • Solid Water Hardener
  • Spatula
  • 2 syringes 
  • Mixing cup 

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