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Operation Frankton RMBPD Set - WWII Cockle Canoe + Royal Marines

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1:35 - Major Herbert George "Blondie" Hasler - Resin kit

Herbert George "Blondie" Hasler was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Marines. In 1942, a 28-year-old Hasler planned and led Operation Frankton. The operation was a commando raid on Axis shipping in the French port of Bordeaux occupied by the Germans. The mission was to attach mines to the hulls of German cargo ships. Three of the five canoes were lost on the way to the port. The surviving crewmen including Hasler reached the port successfully, placed the mines and managed to drown four cargo ships. They then walked 100 miles to a French village where they met with members of the Resistance and started their journey back to England through Spain and Gibraltar. For this operation Hasler was awarded the Distinguished Service Order by King George VI. 

One kayak was damaged while being deployed from the submarine, and it and its crew therefore could not take part in the mission. Only two of the 10 men who launched from the submarine survived the raid: Hasler, and his number two in the kayak, Bill Sparks. Of the other eight, six were executed by the Germans and two died from hypothermia.

This product is available in two scales, 1:35 and 1:24 and was painstakingly designed from scratch as a digital model.

The kit includes: 2 x miniatures (Blondie Hasler and Bill Sparks) in their folding Cockle Canoe named 'Catfish' made by Campaign Models (UK).

Now available, while stocks last.

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