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AK Interactive - Water Gels


AK Interactive Water Gels are designed for creating various water effects in your dioramas. All Water Gels are acrylic products. Perfect results are achieved with layers from 0.1 to 3 mm. All gels can be diluted with water or acrylic thinner to improve the flow. Drying time depends on the amount of product used; 24 hours is optimal.

AK8002 Transparent Gel is perfect for replicating transparent water. Great for creating moving, shallow water.

AK8003 Atlantic Blue and AK8004 Pacific Blue are dense gels developed for replicating the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans respectively. Apply the gel on a painted surface for the sense of depth. Perfect for any scale, especially 1:700 and 1:350 dioramas.

AK8006 Swamp Green is a brown-green dense gel designed for creating swamp waters. In order to create the effect of depth, it is recommended to apply the gel over a painted surface.

AK8007 Effects Gel is designed for creating any type of moving water effects - waves, foam, ripples, waterfalls, and more. This is a low odour water based resin product that holds its shape even on vertical surfaces. The product can be worked with any tool during the drying time.

Available options:
AK8002 AK Interactive Water Gel - Transparent, 250ml
AK8003 AK Interactive Water Gel - Atlantic Blue, 250ml
AK8004 AK Interactive Water Gel - Pacific Blue, 250ml
AK8006 AK Interactive Water Gel - Swamp Green, 250ml
AK8007 AK Interactive Water Gel - Effects, 100ml

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