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Academy 1:35 - Sturmgeschütz IV assault tank (Replaces ACA13235)


Academy 1:35 - Sturmgeschütz IV assault tank (Replaces ACA13235) - Plastic Figure Model Kit #13235

The Sturmgeschütz IV, shortened to StuG IV or Sd.Kfz.167, was a German assault gun designed on the basis of the Panzer IV in the last years of the Second World War. The main role of the StuG IV on the battlefield was the same anti-tank role of its predecessor the StuG III. The use of StuG IV guns was a considerable support to the weakening German forces on both fronts.

The StuG IV was practically identical to its predecessor, however it was a bit lighter, which in view of the limited resources was a great advantage. In the period between December 1943 and May 1945 over a thousand of StuG IVs were built. The gun was proved effective against both Soviet and Allied tanks.

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