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Academy 1:35 M18 Hellcat (ACA01375)


Academy 1:35 - M18 Hellcat (ACA01375) - Plastic model kit #13255

The American M18 Hellcat, officially known as the 76 mm Gun Motor Carriage M18, was a tank destroyer actively used by the U.S. troops at the Italian and North-West European fronts during World War II. Due to its light armour, roofless turret and small overall size, the M18 Hellcat was one of the fastest tank destroyers produced in the U.S., and thus gained the reputation of the most efficient American armoured vehicle of World War II.

However, the open turret which provided for the high velocity, could not provide the crew with proper protection against enemy shells. In addition, the 76 mm gun power was not enough to cause any serious damage in German Tiger and Panther tanks. Later, as a solution to this problem, High Velocity Armour Piercing ammunition was added to the Hellcat design thus improving its penetration abilities. 

Once the war ended, plenty of M18 tank destroyers were acquired by other countries such as Yugoslavia, China and Venezuela. 

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