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Academy 1:35 M12 155mm GMC


Academy 1:35 - M12 155mm GMC - Plastic model kit #13268

The U.S. 155mm Gun Motor Carriage M12 was a WWII self-propelled gun used from 1942 until the end of the war. A hundred vehicles were produced in total and initially those GMCs were intended for training. As the war progressed, it was decided to modify the M12s to prepare them for combat operations. The M12s were then successfully employed on the Western Front including the Allied assault of the Siegfried Line.

The M12 used the chassis of the M3 Lee tank. The 155mm gun was derived from the French 155mm GPF field gun. Due to the limited storage space, the vehicle could only carry 10 projectiles and propellant charges. The armoured driver's compartment was shared with the commander, and the gun crew were located at the back of the vehicle in an open top area. 

Due to its powerful 155mm cannon, the vehicle was nicknamed "Doorknocker" and "King Kong". After the end of the war the M12 was replaced by the M40 Gun Motor Carriage.

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