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Panzer Models 1:35 Scale 4mm Self Adhesive Static Grass Tufts x 100


A very useful scenic product for recreating tall grass. Supplied in tufts that can be stuck down easily and arranged to create a realistic ground cover, various colours available for different seasons and locations. Whatever modelling terrain type you are working on this product can work well - e.g. with woodland, marsh, light scrub, grassland (taiga), coastal, urban, mountainous, arid, temperate or arctic. More grass types coming soon.

100 tufts per pack.

4mm height.


Dark Green - This is useful for representing darker grasses with browns and reds, autumn temperate grasses for example.

Light Brown - For more arid/drier region grasses where grass is more patchy and covers less of the ground.

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Type: Scenics

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