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Meng Model 1:35 - IDF Infantry Set (2000-Present)


Meng Model 1:35 - IDF Infantry Set (2000-Present) - Plastic Figure Model Kit #HS-004

The infantry branch of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is known as the Israeli Infantry Corps. It consists of both regular and reserve service units and brigades led by the IDF's regional commands. The most of the IDF infantry soldiers are armed with MTAR-21 rifles. Additionally, they are equipped with several hand-thrown grenades. The range of vehicles used by the Israeli infantry includes Sufa jeeps, Humvees, and APCs such as the M113, the Achzarit and the Namer. 

The Israeli infantrymen wear a sand yellow uniform. They also have special camouflage helmets with shape disruptive camouflage covers. The covers are far larger than the soldiers heads, which makes it hard for the enemy to take a precise shot. In addition, uniforms are fire retardant and bulletproof armour is issued.

This kit represents four IDF infantrymen: a commander, a grenadier and two riflemen. Three types of the MTAR-21 rifle are included: the standard variant, an assault variant and one with an underslung grenade launcher. The kit can be a great addition to an Israeli diorama featuring the IDF tanks and other vehicles. 

The kit contains parts for the assembly of four figures and weapon. Glue and paint are not included.

- The tactical vest can be completed with many accessories
- Field packs and military drop leg pouches provided
- Knee-pads and boots are the latest common types
- The H-189GR receiver, PRC-624 radio set and FUJINON SHS binoculars are included

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