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Vallejo - Model Wash 35ml


The perfect finish for vehicles, planes, boats, figures and fantasy models. All surfaces exposed to the sun, wind, dust, rain and snow undergo a change in colour, a loss of intensity, a wear that is not uniform throughout the surface. For the modeller, these subtle changes in colour are difficult to reproduce and to achieve these effects in the model, washes or filters can be the perfect solution.

When we paint a model with several camouflage tones, we need a colour wash to diffuse the colours. The tones can be mixed with each other to obtain multiple colour variations and can be used by brush or airbrush depending on the model and effect desired.

Model Wash can also be mixed with pigments to achieve multiple effects: oil, rust, mud, dirt, dust, moss, etc. By mixing the washes with our acrylic colours, we get effects of ageing and extreme wear.

The washes have been formulated with modified acrylic resin so that their surface tension is similar to the traditional washes and filters to the solvent but with the advantages of working with water-based colours. Its average drying time is around 20 minutes. If you want to use several layers, wait about 40 minutes before the next application. Clean your utensils with water.  

35 ml bottle

Available colours:
VAL76512 Dark Green
VAL76513 Brown
VAL76514 Dark Brown
VAL76516 Grey
VAL76519 Olive Green
VAL76520 Dark Khaki Green

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